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In order to see the whole picture, you will have to stand at a certain distance. Have you ever tried looking at a painting very close, one or two inches away for example? When you are too close, you cannot see the painting. You move little farther away, and then only you can see the beauty of the painting.

At a certain point in our life, we want to change because our old self is not helping us.  We want to develop ourselves, unleash our inner power, unlock our personal development power. Sadly, we don’t know how to do this. Everything is right under our nose, but our vision is blurred, we cannot see what it is.

We don’t think about personal development until things get worse. Let me illustrate this with an example.

Place a frog in boiling water. He will immediately jump off the pot. He cannot sustain water temperature. Place the same frog in lukewarm warm water and then turn on the heat. The frog will not get away immediately, he will continue to absorb the temperature.

We are like that frog. We have been in this situation for a long time, therefore, we cannot get away from this immediately. We will continue to absorb the heat and at one point we die.

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Unlock your personal development power before it is too late. Everyone may not like self- improvement because people do not want to change. However, if we look another way around, we might find a brave new world waiting for us.

We don’t need to perform the feat, simple things will make us a better person. Work in a gym instead of drinking in the parties, you will be healthy. Instead of watching porn, read books that will enlighten you. Porn will just arouse you and give you satisfaction for few seconds. However, books will broaden your vision. Instead of fuming alone, why don’t you join your friends and go for hiking or cycling? While doing these things, you are not only having fun but also taking steps towards the whole process of unlocking your personal development power. A Little thing you do will help in your personal growth, you not only become an able person but also a happy individual.


  • Muy buena reflexion, el momento de despertar es ahora, no dejes para manana lo que puedes crecer hoy.

  • Santiago Barcelo

    (August 8, 2017 - 2:58 am)

    Obviamente todo lo nuevo o diferente nos cuesta trabajo aceptarlo y decidirnos a emprenderlo,salir de nuestra zona de confor es algo para lo cual debemos sacrificar siempre algunas ideas preconcebidas,pero solo asi podremos triunfar en la vida..por ello casi nunca vemos la realidad q tenemos frente a nuestros ojos..

  • No podemos esperar los mismo resultados haciendo lo mismo sin modificar no mejora nuestra actividades a lo largo de la vida

  • Hi. I like everything with my prefesional growth. It is good that there are pages like this to teach me how to achieve my dreams of a business of my own. I will be following them. Thank you.

  • Oh, your commentary is very profound, good job.
    What do you want to do? Sell something o create a promotion for your services?
    I’m so proud of you 👏👏👏👏.


    (August 9, 2017 - 8:26 pm)

    Me encanto. Estoy facinado con eso consejo

  • Excellent

  • Muy bueno

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