Building Website For Online Business: From Buying A Domain to Hosting, Designing, and Content Development

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Everyone needs a website. Whether you are a writer/blogger, internet marketer, business owner, or investor, you need a website to showcase your work, products or services. Even a layperson needs a website. You take pictures and you want to show your photography to your friends and family, a website will be a good platform. You are a good cook, and you want to share your recipe, you need a website.

Online businesses are getting popular, you can open an online store, perform affiliate marketing, or simply blog and make money. You need a website to do online business. Yet, you don’t know where to get started. This article might help you. So let’s get started.

To build a website, you need a domain. The domain is the address of your website on the World Wide Web. You should have a great domain name. A great domain name is short, easy to remember, catchy, and does not use punctuation marks. You can get a domain name in two ways, by registering your domain with a domain registrar, by buying from the domain marketplace. If you are starting out, go for the first option, it costs less to register a domain.

The second step to build your website is a web host for your domain. Hosting of the domain is making your website available for public viewing. Domain registrars are also most of the time web hosts. You can either host your website with your domain registrar or with other hosting company. While choosing a host, you will have to consider the reputation of the host, pricing, packages, and support.

A lot of care should be taken while choosing a hosting company. Your hosting company should have secure and fast servers, and unrestricted access to CGI, SSH, and FTP. Your hosting company should provide you 99 percent uptime, unlimited bandwidth, a lot of diskspace, and access to raw server logs.  Your host should also offer a Control Panel with one click scripts and content management system installation.

Now your website needs to be designed. This is where you have to work hard while building your website. The website design should match with the kind of business you are doing. Whether it is eshop, affiliate store or a blog, your website should be designed accordingly. If you don’t have knowledge and skills, you may have to get a designer. The first step of designing your website is to install content management system on your domain. Content management system for your website depends on the type of your website.

If you are hiring a web designer, consider his/her skills and the fees. Fiverr and Upwork is great places to find designers for small money. You can choose the best designer on Fiverr and Upwork (because there is a rating/reviewing system).

Now, you need contents on your website. Contents can product listing, articles, images, videos or combination of all. You can develop contents on your website by yourself, or hire someone to build contents. Content on your website should be based on the niche of your website.