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EBook Publishing Business: How to Make Money From Ebooks

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EBook Publishing Business: How to Make Money From Ebooks

Gone are the days when books meant printed pages tucked together. These days books are available as ebooks that can be easily downloaded from the internet and read on a computer or hand held devices.

There was a time when a person with a great knowledge of language and grammar, great writing skills, and great imagination could only become a writer. These days everyone can literally become a writer. All you need is the ability to write correctly, and have some creative imagination and good researching skills.

Ebooks have opened a huge market for those who want to become a writer and for those people who want to make money by publishing e-books.

Is eBook publishing business really easy?

Writing an ebook is really easy, even so is publishing ebooks. You don’t have to write 400 pages, 50-70 pages of writing will be enough. You can write on any topics you want, however, if making money from ebooks is your primary concern, you need to choose a topic that is in high demand, and a topic that has less competition.

If you want to start an ebook publishing business all you need is a computer, Microsoft word and internet connection.  Once you have written the book, you can create a PDF copy and sell it through your website or online store such as ebay, or publish on free platforms like Amazon Kindle.

How to write an ebook?

Writing an ebook starts with research. First, you find a topic. While choosing a topic, you will have to consider your knowledge and skills. You should never attempt to write on the topic that has been covered extensively online. If you do, it will be difficult to sell your ebooks. Secondly, you should always write on the subject that you know well. You can, of course, write on the subject that is completely new, however, you will be unable to deliver your best.

Once you have chosen your topic. Do research online and offline. Take notes of the points that you want to cover on your ebook. It will be easy to write the ebook if you can make notes for each chapter.

Write the ebook based on your research. When you complete the book, go back to the manuscript and work on the second draft. If you can, find a professional editor. If you cannot, ask someone, your friends or family, to read the book and provide suggestions. Now put editor hat and edit your book.

How to make money from ebooks?

When you have finalized your book, it is time to get it published. Again, you have to do some research.  Your research should cover the topics such as publishing platform and marketing options.

If you have a website, you can sell your ebook through your website. Convert your ebook to a PDF format, install ebook download plugin on your website, upload the book, and then set payment option.

You can also sell your ebook through third party website such as ebay. List your ebook on the store and when someone pays for your ebook, send them a download link. You don’t have to own a website to sell through third party store. You can upload on Google drive and send the link when someone buys your ebook.

The idea way to sell an ebook is by publishing on free publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, or Barnes and Nobles. However, when you sell ebooks on these platforms you will have to give commission to the publisher.