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Increasing Sales Through Search Engine Optimization

Whether you have a dropshipping business, online store, or an affiliate store, you need traffic for your online business. Your traffic needs to convert into sales if you want to make money from e-commerce. So, how do you do this? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short.

You might have heard internet marketing gurus and online entrepreneurs speak about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You might also be thinking about increasing sales through SEO. However, as a new online entrepreneur, SEO might confuse you. You may have to spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars in SEO training class, and you may not have time and money. To make things easier for you, we have compiled some SEO techniques in this article. While this article will not make you an expert, you may know about some common SEO practices.

The Basics of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique to make your website, contents, products and services found on search engines. The success of an online business largely depends on how well the website is optimized for search engines. Since a large percentage of visitors find your business, products, and services through search engines, it makes sense to increase the visibility of your e-commerce website on search engines.

SEO is broadly divided into three categories:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Why Do You Need SEO

  1. To get a good rank on search results: Generally speaking, search engines are the primary source of traffic. When people want to find something online, they will search through Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your website is ranked within first few pages, chances of getting traffic significantly increases. Normally, people do not look for search results beyond the 4th page, and most of the time internet searchers only check the top five results. If you want to increase sales, your business needs to remain at the top of the popular search engines.
  2. To get traffic: Since search engines are primary traffic source, you need to improve your search engine ranking to ensure a good rank in search engines. You will get traffic only when your website appears in the top results. If your website is at the 10th page, it is very unlikely that you will get visitors.
  3. To generate sales: Search engine traffic is organic traffic. Organic traffic means people voluntarily come to your website. People check your website because they are genuinely interested in your products and services.  If people are genuinely interested in your products and services, they will surely buy your products and services.

On-Page SEO

In order to rank your website high, your website needs unique, original, interesting, useful and informative contents. However, having good content is not enough to get a good rank. Your contents must have focus keywords and keyphrase. Keywords and keyphrases are the terms that people use to search online.

If you are selling the digital camera and your content is about digital camera, the digital camera is your primary keyword. When you are developing content on the digital camera, give a title that is a long tail search term, which basically is the exact term that searchers are using to find a digital camera. You can find the potential keywords on Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Use at least 5 percent primary keywords on your content. For example, you need to repeat your keywords at least 50 times if you are writing 1000 words article.

Your article description, image title, image description, image caption should also contain keywords.

Off-Page SEO

In order to get high ranked, your website should also be linked with other sites with high page rank. This is generally referred as backlinking. When high ranking sites are pointing towards your website, your search engine rank will not only improve but you will also get traffic. You can build backlinks by leaving your links on social bookmarking sites, forums and blogs. You also need to generate social signals to your website to get ranked high. Social signals are the likes and resharing you get when you share your content on social media.

Technical SEO

While indexing your website, search engines also consider site design and site loading speed. Your website needs to have a good design that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Apart from design, search engines also give priority to site loading speed. If your site loads slow, it will be down-ranked even though it may have unique contents and user-friendly design.

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