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Compliance tips for small businesses

Small businesses play a fragile role in generating new jobs, encouraging innovation and improving the perception of US industries over the global market.  Achieving these objectives calls for tremendous effort and significant time, especially in terms of fulfilling compliance’s prerequisites.

Although compliance would not appear as an interesting topic as innovations or development, it played a big role in running a start-up business and it needs same dedication and focuses with the rest of the elements.


Top tips for achieving requirements

Know tax code and HR requirements

It may appear complicated and be contradicting at times but they are really part and parcel of every business. No choice but you must abide by tax policies and human resources provisions to maintain your business.

The best move? Go for the top priority! Know federal business requirements as it is connected to tax and your business organization, and be acquainted also with other local or any applicable state rules

Limited liability companies (LLCs) imposes separate tax forms for owners and businesses, thus sole proprietors reflect the personal and business income on the similar form. From there, where you can browse for the state requirements, obligations to your staffs and the sum of tax owed.


Get a number

To any existing small business owner who has workers, lists employment tax returns, having an active pension or retirement plan, or has declared bankruptcy, an employer identification number or EIN is a must and can be done through online.

For sole proprietorships, EINs are an IRS  authorize option in distributing Social Security number to the clients.

Build a preventive policy

Sexual harassment is always given the utmost concern in any workplace. It’s highly sensitive and in states policy, for you to avail a harassment policy such as formal training and signed acknowledgment forms that confirm employees attendance in training and acceptance of the policy.

Combining these two preventive measures assist educate employees about the healthy and safe workplace and in cases of legal action, they can somehow help.


 Be updated with current policies

Compliance policies keep changing both for small and giant businesses. Reference these tips as a contingency plan and always be informed about the current policies or requirements.

When you are assured of complete compliance,  it allows you a better and brighter concentration in developing and innovating your business.